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All of you know I do a ton of photos for clients for their kiddos during their 1st year of life.  And I love doing them!  But why stop after that? Who says you are ever too old for family photos?!  They don’t have to be just of the kiddos!  We all tend to forget about taking family photos as the children get older, but we shouldn’t!  With warmer weather here in Ohio again (or at least a peek of it…Ohio weather is always a tease!), why not book a summer or fall photoshoot with your family? Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today…just book it!  There is nothing like a little family time…and some nice photos to document these special moments with your loved ones. 😉

With that being said…I can’t write a post on a photoblog without photos, right? Here are some photos from some recent family sessions. 🙂

The Paxton Clan

The 'big kids' 😉

The 'youngin's' acting goofy!

The Dolejs family

I spy 'grandma' looking on towards her children and grandchildren. 😉

I think someone thinks her grandfather looks silly with her umbrella! haha

Who says you need a stero-typical pose? Nothing like fun candids to capture the moment.


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I got to visit one of my favorite families recently to take Gavin’s 9 months shoot.  Let me tell you, I need to have them come visit and decorate my place for the holidays.  They had the best decorations and xmas trees and of course best dressed 9 month old!  Check out how adorable Gavin looks for the holidays!


Handsome man in a tuxedo

The family by their gorgeous tree

Santa's Little Helper!

So many presents!

Naked Baby Bottom

Gavin Loves Santa!

All lit up with holiday cheer!

Helping to decorate the tree

Having a look up the tree

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Back in October, I met up with the Svendsen family for a fun fall shoot with their 2.5 month old cutie pie, Maura.  We headed over to Cain Park  in Cleveland Heights, and I think we hit the jackpot of Fall days as the leaves were absolutely stunning and we had warm fall temps to work with.  Here’s a few of my favorites from out session!

Maura gets a peek back at me!


See how beautiful the coloring of the leaves were? (to match a beautiful family)


I think they knew I totally wanted to color coordinate with this building front...haha


Baby bubbles!


Caught ya looking! 🙂


I think I see the resemblance. 🙂


Time to chill with Mom


One last image with the cutie and the pretty fall colors in the background.

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Let’s just off by saying that at the ripe ol’ age of 3-months, this dashing little man has one of the best wardrobes I’ve seen (so many cute outfits!) and I’m completely jealous!  I have a feeling momma and papa are going to have to watch out as baby Gavin matures…I have a feeling the girls are going to come swooning at his adorable looks and stellar wardrobe.  Just sayin…

See? Handsome and well-dressed. I don't lie.


This one makes me laugh! He gripped onto Dad like the jaws of life!


Drooling Newsie...so sweet!


We couldn't quite figure out what was making the little monkey cry. But we had to laugh because it timed perfectly with the clicks of my camera!


Just Chillin'

 After a while, Gavin’s best bud and cousin, Andrew, came over to visit us.

Look at baby Andrew's eyes! Such a doll!


Best buds for life!


His laugh warmed my heart!


And THIS! brought me to full fledged laughter!


And one last shot of the beautiful family.

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Poor Paul is definitely out numbered these days!  With the recent birth of his beautiful baby girl Rylee, it’s 3 to 1 in favor of girls in their household these days.  But I don’t think he minds one bit.  He’s got 3 absolutely stunning gals, and I don’t think he could be more smitten.  Here are some of my favorites from my visit with Kristy, Paul, Morgan, and their newest member to the family, Rylee.  (Lucky guy!)

Their expressions in this photo are priceless!


Okay, maybe we like each other. 😉


Such a beautiful family!


Waiting for "Unkie Corey" to pick up the phone...


Puppy Love!


What a sweetheart!




I think they are smitten with their newest edition!

 Thank you, Kristy and Paul, for continuing to welcome me into your home to share these special moments with you and your girls!

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Well it looks like Papa Cook will not be seeing the gender numbers even out much with the arrival of baby number three because the Cook family will soon be welcoming the arrival another little lady to the family.  I don’t think he’s going to mind being in a household with 4 beauties though.  Would you?  🙂  I look forward to seeing if baby girl Cook gets ringlet curls on her head like her eldest sister Maddie, or if see gets big, beautiful doe eyes like her sister Gabby. 

Here are some of my favorite images from my afternoon with the Cook family.

Not quite sure yet if she wanted to have woke from her nap. LOL

This girl LOVED monkeying around in a tree in their front yard.

Can I PLEASE have her curls? Purdy Please??

I think Gabby decided she wasn't quite ready for the wake-up call...cuddlng with Momma.


The Cook ladies chillaxin' in the sunshine.

A tender moment with baby girl #3.

What a beautiful family

 And I’ll leave you with one last shot of Maddie being crazy showing me how she could give me an action shot from, yes, the FOURTH step up their landing!

Fly Girl (in all senses of the phrase!)

 UPDATE: Just got word that baby girl Cook – Alaina Lauren was born YESTERDAY evening!  Congrats to the Cook Family!

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It amazes me that three quarters of a year has past since I last had the pleasure to hang out with Miss Avery (see those photos HERE) and within those 9 months she’s grown from an adorable baby into a sweet little girl!  I always enjoy heading over there to “play” because something about Avery reminds me of myself as a youngster.  I don’t know if it’s her wispy blonde hair and blue eyes, love for the swing and playing with the dog, or her keen sense of style (well, I guess I just WISH I had that back then!), but it’s always a pleasure to hang out for the afternoon with her and her parents.

Flashback: Avery back last July 2009


Present Day: The adorable little Miss Avery


Such sweetness


My days of limber similar to this are long gone...


Showing Ma her talent of putting cups on her feet and then trying to stand with them. Haha.


Adorable family portrait


See? Totally styling in her precious pink jacket


The climbing up on the kitchen counter and eating candy is the direct link to my childhood past. Love this girl!

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