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I can’t believe that a year has past since I first started taking photos of  Mr. Gavin.  It’s so crazy to think that we went from this:

Here at only a few weeks old...

To this:

Now a happy one year old able to wear his crown!

Here are a few more of my favorites from this adorable little guy’s 1st birthday celebration shoot. :0

Such a happy guy!

So daper looking in his sweater cardigan

Because every kid looks adorable when you stick em in a basket. lol (Especially this one...ain't he cute?!)

I think I might steal this toy... 😉

Gavin and his buddy

All smiles!

And I'll leave you with a fun out-take and Gavin grabbing dad's eye. lol


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At three months, babies are so adorable!  They are starting to interact a little more, a smile here and there.  But it can also be tough to get some good shots as their attention spans can be short-lived, they can’t quite sit up on their own, and a happy baby can turn to a frustrated one in a matter of seconds.  Fortunately for me, baby Brandon made my job super easy!  He was such a laid back and happy baby, we were able to get some adorable shots of the handsome little man.  Check out a few favorites below!

Seriously, can he be any cuter??

Little B's Daddy is a fireman, so we HAD to get a photo with the fire truck

Nom...my fingers are good to suck on.

Got the pupster to even cooperate and look at the camera here. Score! 🙂

You sticking your tongue out at me?? 😉

Anyone else find his baby chub unbearably cute?!

Snoozing on the job. haha

Tell us about it brandon. 🙂

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Let’s just off by saying that at the ripe ol’ age of 3-months, this dashing little man has one of the best wardrobes I’ve seen (so many cute outfits!) and I’m completely jealous!  I have a feeling momma and papa are going to have to watch out as baby Gavin matures…I have a feeling the girls are going to come swooning at his adorable looks and stellar wardrobe.  Just sayin…

See? Handsome and well-dressed. I don't lie.


This one makes me laugh! He gripped onto Dad like the jaws of life!


Drooling Newsie...so sweet!


We couldn't quite figure out what was making the little monkey cry. But we had to laugh because it timed perfectly with the clicks of my camera!


Just Chillin'

 After a while, Gavin’s best bud and cousin, Andrew, came over to visit us.

Look at baby Andrew's eyes! Such a doll!


Best buds for life!


His laugh warmed my heart!


And THIS! brought me to full fledged laughter!


And one last shot of the beautiful family.

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