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When I found out Erik and Katie met playing Warcraft, I knew that their wedding was going to be anything BUT stuffy.  Despite rain storms and stomach bugs causing some last minute changes in their wedding day timeline, Erik and Katie stayed chill and calm on their big day.  They had a few fun tricks up their sleeves as surprises for family and friends on their big day to make it memorable.  Check them out below in some of my favorite shots from the day.

The gals getting ready. This might have been right before the accidental eye poking. haha.


The details of the bodice of her gorgeous dress


Rings and her pretty pink reception shoes


Zipping Katie in!


The gorgeous bride


Father and daughter both look pretty happy!

There were some funny moments during the ceremony. 🙂


the bouquet


Fun times at Danny's Ice Cream & Burgers off of Rt. 91.


Tell me that this couple is not a fun couple? I mean, finger dancing! Love it! 🙂


Who says you can't find perfect photographic backdrops for a wedding in a cemetary? haha.


So sweet!


Nothing says love like sticking out your tongue. Haha



A stolen kiss!


Super Heros!!


I loved that they had Stewie and Brian as part of their cake!

When I walked in and saw John Kerata of the DJ Crew heading the music, I knew there'd be fun dancing.


The girls getting down!


Groomsman dancing with grandmother of the Bride = So cute!!



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On a brisk, but sunny, Saturday morning in March, I met up with Shanna and her girls in downtown Canton, Ohio.  I will admit, I have never done, nor have I heard of anyone doing a “Bridesmaid Photoshoot”, but once I saw Shanna, Rachael, Angela, Myriah, Kate, and Colesse all dolled up in their favorite black pants and heels, and we started shooting around town…I was sold!  Such a cool idea.  It was so much fun to to be able to spend a good chunk of the morning taking photos of her and her gals and seeing the strong bond between them all.  And while Shanna didn’t divulge what her plans were for the images, I could totally see myself using them is so many fun, crafty ways as bridesmaids gifts. 😉  Check out some of my fav’s below…

They did such a good job at making it look like it wasn't cold at all (it was frigid! lol)

Such a gorgeous group of ladies

These gals were so good at just relaxing in front of the camera

Loved this blue backdrop...it was the entrance to the police parking garage (do not enter)! Shh...

Umm...they seriously could all be models...don't you agree?

Of course we had to do the groomsman "Peeing" shot! LOL

I LOVED how the architectural elements in this tunnel added so much to the photo.

Girlfran huddle to stay warm! haha

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Melissa and Ben got married this past October in Playa Mujeres, Mexico and decided that they wanted to have a wedding reception at home so that they could celebrate their union with family and friends that weren’t able to make the trip South.  They chose to stick with the Mexican theme and had their reception at one of my favorite local area Mexican restaurants, Tequila Panchos in Hudson, Ohio.  (If you haven’t been here, I HIGHLY recommend it.  Their margaritas are the bomb!)  Melissa and Ben decided they wanted to have a photobooth set up so we could take some fun photos of their guests with crazy hats, mustaches, and other fun attire.  See a small sampling of some of the hilarious shots we got below!



We won't ask. 😉

All this kissing in the photobooth needs to stop. 😉



The Bride and Groom...I'm not going to even say anything about this one. 😉

Oh snap!

Shake it!

Fun with friends

And this one I just couldn't NOT share. 😉

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Cheri and Skip are one of the cutest couples ever!  In the time I spent with them on their wedding day at their ceremony, it was so evident the affection that they shared for each other.  This must be the love the comes from a few decades of friendship (they have belonged to the same church for years).  Check out a few of my favorite images from their special day.

The groom waiting his entrance.

The Bride in her gorgeous red dress

The groom's father and the bride's mother both standing proud to hand of their children into a beautiful union.

Sealed with a kiss!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Vucek!

The happiness and joy was very evident

Sweet love

Pure and utterly smitten, I'd say. 😉

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So I think that Courtney was probably one of the most well-prepared, chill, non-bridzilla Brides that I have met to date.  Anytime I had a question, she was quick to respond, she was always ahead of the game with keeping her friends and family informed, and it seemed like absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong with this well-planned event.  THEN came the huge thunder storms the night before their big day, and we all awoke to the surprise of NO POWER.  It’d come back on right?  The bride would be able to get her hair done, no problem.  We’d all be able to take morning showers…enjoy deliciously warm chicken and steak meals…cool off from our dancing on one of the HOTTEST days of the summer in the cool A.C.  Well, only the last part ended up being true as the day ended up powerless until around 6pm in the evening…but the Bride Courtney and her Groom Brandon remained much more calm than I think I could have ever imagined being if it had been my big day.  Big kudos too, to Burr Oak State Park Lodge for being so incredibly accommodating to everyone despite this setback. And seeing as this adorable couple met running (all sweaty), it only seemed fitting for their big day too.  Haha.  Check out some images from this memorable day below.

Adorable and very fitting invites

I love how her hair was styled

A girl can never have too much makeup to play with.

Adding the finishing touch

Courtney's brothers were amazing with their guitar and vocal skills during the ceremony

Such a gorgeous backdrop

The vows


A kiss from dad... 🙂


Brandon and his gorgeous sisters

Everyone does family portraits like this, right?


Here's a better one. 😉

The view the lodge overlooks


Gorgeous and delish cake!

 Some of the goodies at the kids’ table.

colored pencils


Yummy Lollipops!


Everyone, including the kiddos, LOVED the Stockdale Family Band!

 These guys really know how to have a good time…



A little MJ foot action?


Getting some height


I think he was declared the winner of the dance floor that night

Seal it with a kiss!

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So on a lovely afternoon a few weeks back, the beautiful bride Sara, a local news station producer, put together one of the the biggest productions of her life…a wedding to her handsome groom, Tim.  They chose the breath-taking backdrop of Fellows Riverside Gardens in Youngstown, Ohio for the location of their ceremony and reception, and they couldn’t have gotten a more gorgeous day.  Here are some of my favorite shots as I tag-teamed with fellow photographer, Ryan Muesel, at Tim and Sara’s news-worthy wedding.

Sara getting buttoned into her stunning gown

I had a fleeting moment where I wondered if Sara would realize these went missing... loved.these.shoes!

Sara with her gorgeous gals

The ring bearer and the flower girl were the cutest things ever!

I think the glistening in Tim's eyes speaks nothing but full fledge love for Sara

With this ring...

The new Mr. & Mrs. Boesel!

The bridal party

I think Tim spied himself a good catch!

loved her bouquet!

Have you seen a more handsome couple?! Beautiful!

Time to get the party started!

Showing us how it's done!

Starting the night off with some Village People...

Adding a little indian funk to the jam...

The man behind the music, DJ Jim Loboy

I think the garter and bouquet toss recipients really hit it off...haha. 🙂

Am I wanted on the dance floor?? 🙂

Looks like Tim is "poppin' his collar"

 And one last photo of the gorgeous couple:

Sealed with a Kiss!

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Let me tell you…Evan and Valeria, along with their family and friends, know how to throw a fun reception!  It’s been a while since I’ve been to a wedding where people started dancing up a storm from the first song to the very last tune (when they pretty much got kicked out the door of the Patrician!) With the help of Selective Sound Entertainment, I think everyone probably burnt off all the wedding cake (and then some) from busting a move all night long!  Check it out!

Evan and Val getting the party started!


Pump it!


LOVED how pumped the guys were for the garter toss!


And the lucky catch!


I think she's feeling it!


Is that sweat I see on his shirt?


Most definitely is because he was getting DOWN with his bad self! haha


I think he has some competition!


They were dancing sweet together and I adored her dress! (I love anything teal/torquoise!)


Best move of the night? LOL


Or did the girls show the boys up?

 Okay, let’s finish up with a final shot of the adorable couple…

So sweet!

 Much love and joy in your first year of marriage together, Evan and Val!

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