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Yes, I know…

You are all waiting forEVER for an England post.  🙂  So here it is!  Since I took a TON of photos, I decided to break it into parts, so here is Part I for you.  Enjoy!

After a long night of flying (way far north over Greenland and Iceland to avoid the ashes from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokul volcano), I arrived (later than anticipated) into Heathrow on the morning of my 30th birthday.  Wahoo!  I was SO excited to finally be over the great big pond known as the Atlantic, that I let the fact that my suitcase came off the conveyor belt unzipped 12 inches and everything inside in a dissarray fall to the way side.  (Only later did I realize stuff had been stolen.  Let this be a lesson learned kids, keep any valuables in your carry-on!)  I met up with my long-time friend (pen-pal from childhood…yeah, we actually WROTE letters instead of emailed.  Wierd, I know) and our other friend at Heathrow arrivals and we were off to our London hotel in Chelsea. 

Here she comes! My first experience on the London Underground.

"Please Mind the Gap"

Sloan Square - Where we got off to get to our hotel in Chelsea

 Around Sloan Square were stores like Tiffany & Co. and Peter Jones Department store and lots of windows full of beautiful babbles (that we admired from a far). 

The beauty that is Chelsea!

Lil and Lindsey outside our Hotel

 While our hotel was absolutely stunning and very posh, with a great location, the service was sub par.  If you want the inside scoop on this place, feel free to send me a message.  Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend it.

After getting ourselves situated at the hotel, we headed downtown to Covent Gardens to do a little shopping and eating.

Lots of little touristy shops and market places here

 The street performers here at Covent Gardens were highly entertaining.

Yes, he is painted silver!

Silver dude's gold counter act. 🙂

 We were all famished and finally ate lunch here at a lovely Italian Restaurant called Pasta Brown.  Can I say BEST LASAGNA and BANOFFEE PIE EVER?!



Picadilly Circus!

A sneak photo of the girls photographing the Eros monument at Picadilly!

Of course a photo in the red phone booth!

 (I don’t recommend attempting this photo though…I’m pretty sure about 3248239043 bums have pissed in that booth…it smelled so horrid! haha)

So that’s a few photos from day one to hold you over for a bit.  More will come, I promise! 😉


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