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This evening I will be heading west to Sin City for one of the photography world’s biggest conventions and trade shows of the year…WPPI Las Vegas 2011.  Last year there were over 14,500 photographers in attendance and I’m sure they will break records again. 🙂  It was one of my highlights of 2010 because with a week’s span of time I took in SO.MUCH.INFORMATION and education, it was rediculous!  I also met some really cool people. I already have made plans to meet up with some photographers from all over the U.S. and Canada and, without a doubt, will probably meet many other new faces.  I’ve preboarded (to guarantee a seat) in sessions with Sal Sincotta, Suzette Allen, Jesh de Rox, Lindsay Alder, and Keven Ames.  I’m also looking forward to some much needed happy hours and parties hosted by BluDomain, SmugMug  and Bay Photo, and the infamous Airplane and Blazers party.  Have I told you yet that photographers know how to throw a good party? Well they DO!   haha. 

So if you are a client, please be aware that I will be away from the office with minimal access to email through February 25th.  But never fear, I plan to return all correspondence as soon as I return and bring new, uber creativity to all future sessions!  See you next week!

Here I come Vegas!


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Wahoo!!! 🙂

Be sure to check news stands on June 20th for the July 2010 issue of Oxygen Magazine and you will find between the pages (page 134 to be exact!) one of my favorite fitness gals, Sara Bedrossian, in their “Future of Fitness” section.  Sara is soooo dedicated to keeping fit and helping others get/stay fit, it makes me so giddy to see her in this “bible” of women’s fitness magazine.

In case you need help knowing what to look for in the magazine aisle:

This cover will some day soon have Miss Sara B gracing it!


There she is! Of course they picked the best girl (and photo!) to go first!

Congrats girlie!  Can’t wait until the day I’m saying, “Ohmygawd, what fitness magazine has she NOT been in?!” Haha.

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Yes, I know…

You are all waiting forEVER for an England post.  🙂  So here it is!  Since I took a TON of photos, I decided to break it into parts, so here is Part I for you.  Enjoy!

After a long night of flying (way far north over Greenland and Iceland to avoid the ashes from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokul volcano), I arrived (later than anticipated) into Heathrow on the morning of my 30th birthday.  Wahoo!  I was SO excited to finally be over the great big pond known as the Atlantic, that I let the fact that my suitcase came off the conveyor belt unzipped 12 inches and everything inside in a dissarray fall to the way side.  (Only later did I realize stuff had been stolen.  Let this be a lesson learned kids, keep any valuables in your carry-on!)  I met up with my long-time friend (pen-pal from childhood…yeah, we actually WROTE letters instead of emailed.  Wierd, I know) and our other friend at Heathrow arrivals and we were off to our London hotel in Chelsea. 

Here she comes! My first experience on the London Underground.

"Please Mind the Gap"

Sloan Square - Where we got off to get to our hotel in Chelsea

 Around Sloan Square were stores like Tiffany & Co. and Peter Jones Department store and lots of windows full of beautiful babbles (that we admired from a far). 

The beauty that is Chelsea!

Lil and Lindsey outside our Hotel

 While our hotel was absolutely stunning and very posh, with a great location, the service was sub par.  If you want the inside scoop on this place, feel free to send me a message.  Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend it.

After getting ourselves situated at the hotel, we headed downtown to Covent Gardens to do a little shopping and eating.

Lots of little touristy shops and market places here

 The street performers here at Covent Gardens were highly entertaining.

Yes, he is painted silver!

Silver dude's gold counter act. 🙂

 We were all famished and finally ate lunch here at a lovely Italian Restaurant called Pasta Brown.  Can I say BEST LASAGNA and BANOFFEE PIE EVER?!



Picadilly Circus!

A sneak photo of the girls photographing the Eros monument at Picadilly!

Of course a photo in the red phone booth!

 (I don’t recommend attempting this photo though…I’m pretty sure about 3248239043 bums have pissed in that booth…it smelled so horrid! haha)

So that’s a few photos from day one to hold you over for a bit.  More will come, I promise! 😉

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So I have a confession.  While I’d like think I may be all that and a bag of chips sometimes with my photography, I’m truly not.  I get a little help from a wonderful product called “Totally Rad Actions“.  For those of you that are not familiar with Photoshop actions, they allow you to apply toning, contrast, sharpness, textures and and whole lot of  “RADness” to your photos, really, really fast!  They save us photographers a whole lot of time (and frustrations)!  Since I have started using these actions, I have noticed that my work-load has greatly improved (well, I’m still doing a ton of editing but I’m now able to get a LOT more done in a shorter time frame).  Here is a before and after example:

Before Shot of Collin

 While still ABSOLUTELY adorable, this little guy was dealing a bit with some hives and some newborn acne.  We wanted everyone to focus on the more precious parts of this image, so that is where some photoshop love and TRA’s come in to kick it up!

After Shot of Collin

I used the healing brush to hide the bumps, then some Ying/Yang action to brighten him up, a little Get Faded (winter) to soften up the color tone and yellow in his skin, and then finished it up with some Select-O-Sharp to add focus to his eyes, lips, fingers, and soft strands of baby fuzz on his head.  It’s pretty awesome what these actions can do, isn’t it?

So to continue with their awesomeness, Totally Rad Actions  is having a contest that could potentially add some much, MUCH needed zing to my image and brand as a whole (a price package valued at $650!)  How cool would that be?  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me and if I get chosen as one of 5 finalists, I may be enlisting you soon to help vote me as the winner!  Hopefully they choose me or else I’ll end up like the sad version of Collin…

Sad Collin with some BAMF - 16 Bit (B&W) TRA action love

 I will keep you posted on how I do! 🙂

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As you may already know, the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.  In my near 30 years of life on this earth, I have met some absolutely WONDERFUL women (and men) that have had to deal with the pains and scares of breast cancer.  Some have overcome the disease and have survived as Pink Warriors, some have not been so fortunate.  It is for these women that I walked the Cleveland Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure back in 2008. 

Getting close to the end of 3 days of walking!

 These 3 days of walking 60 miles to raise money and awareness for the cause was a life changing experience where I made some life long friendships. 

While my crazy schedule keeps me from training this year, I still want to continue to raise money and awareness any way that I can!  This is why I held the “Dare to Bare” boudoir marathon, and is why I continue to donate a portion of EACH and EVERY boudoir session to this cause.  Year-to-date, Tami Musick Photography, with the help of some beautiful ladies in and around northeast ohio, has raised $2060!  Let’s keep this number rising!  I would love to see it surpass the $5,000 mark before the end of 2010. 

If you are interested in doing a boudoir session, and in ultimately helping a wonderful cause, send me an email at: tamarak58@yahoo.com.

The end of 60 miles of walking; One step closer to a cure.

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will be coming home with me!  Because I learned so much while I was there this past week.  I am one crazy woman who thought that she could double dip conferences.  I headed out West to attend a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Personal Training Conference, and then found out that the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) also had their big mecca conference and trade show at the same time, so I thought, what the heck?  Talk about some crazy busy days for me!  The first 3 days were NSCA all morning and afternoon, and then Sunday/Monday I added some evening WPPI sessions, with Tuesday/Wednesdays being solely dedicated to WPPI.  Let’s just say, I learned a TON!  And I plan to bring back my wealth of knowledge to both my fitness clients and my photography clients, so watch out! 😉 

So, now what good would a post be without some photos?  Here are some fun shots from Vegas.

Daytime view from our hotel room at Bally's

Daytime view from our hotel room at Bally's


A night time shot from our room

This night time shot above has a little love added to it using some of my new Life.Camera.Actions.

A fun night time shot with the Paris hotel and the moon.

 I quickly learned that if I wanted to attend any classes at WPPI, I had to get there wicked-early.  Below are some photos standing in line to see the fabulous Jasmine Star.  We fortunately made the 900 person cut off.

My friend Stacy and I standing in a ridiculously long line


Yeeeahh...that's the line of 600+ people ahead of us!


The MGM grand where we stayed the 2nd half of our trip

 There were also some great talks at the trade show, but with my crazy schedule I didn’t get to catch a ton of them.  The photo below is from one of my favorites that I did catch from Becker.

I think Becker caught me taking a photo!


The view from our suite at MGM Grand


Another shot of New York, New York hotel. It was such a pretty sky that afternoon

Can anyone guess what hotel I took this photo at? I loved this art work!

 So while Vegas was a blast, I’m also glad to be home and back on a somewhat normal (did it really have to be time change weekend??) schedule again.  Be on the look out to see some of the fun stuff I learned. 🙂

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Bad Blogger!

So I apologize for being awful with my blogging!  But don’t despair!  You will be seeing some fitness photos coming soon and I have some kiddie photos and boudoir shoots coming up in the near future!  Stay tuned! 

Here’s a few photos from a girls weekend in Put-In-Bay to keep you entertained for the time being. 🙂

Me and my pretty girls before we wrecked havoc on PIB!

Me and my pretty girls before we wrecked havoc on PIB!

L to R: Alicia, Melany, Me, Michelle, Erika, Heather, and Sara
The crazy yellow bikes we rode around the island on with the high handlebars and low seat I couldn't adjust for the life of me!

The crazy yellow bikes we rode around the island on with the high handlebars and low seat I couldn't adjust for the life of me!


Melany playing ANTM amongst some fun rocks/cement blocks we found on the island

Melany playing ANTM amongst some fun rocks/cement blocks we found on the island


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