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If you can’t already tell, I LOVE getting the opportunity to take photos of precious, little newborns. 🙂  So when I found out that my friend Candis and her hubby Sean were  expecting…I made sure to hint about my photography services. haha.  Fortunately, she is observant. 😉  And a bonus is that  Candis and I have actually been working together for a little while on coming up with a fun new logo for my business and now we also have her hubby involved in the creative fun with designing me a new website.  I cannot wait to share it all with you guys!  In the meantime, be sure to check out some of their AWESOME work on their websites: Candis Hecking Design and Interactive Cleveland after you, of course, check out some of my favorite shots from our session below. 

Kyla rockin' the elephant onsie. 🙂


Baby bum in ruffles! ❤

Momma knows how to calm a crying girl.

Kiss from dad

So teeny tiny!

Nothing as precious as a little one slumbering away with those rosebud lips


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So back in October I headed over to visit with Melissa and Mike to take some maternity  photos.  Well, in December, they welcomed into the world their little bundle of joy, the adorably sweet Miss Regan.  Here are some favorites from our session.

Regan getting a kiss from Momma

Santa's adorable little helper


Even when they cry, they are cute. 🙂

The family

A kiss from Dad now

Regan and her big brother

tiny feet

And one last shot of pure cuteness!

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I was beyond estatic when my good friends Kelly and Greg asked me to take photos of their sweet baby girl.  Little Miss Grier was even more precious in person than I imagined and also very lucky to have such amazing, loving parents.  I think the sweetheart has some spoiling in her future…nothin’ wrong with that! 😉

Someone loves to be in the warmth of her daddy's arms.


So peaceful looking.

If only they would stay this tiny.

Nothing like momma to comfort a crying baby. 🙂

Santa's littlest helper

So perfect!

Pretty in purple

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I was sooo excited when I found out my friend Becky would be in town from Pittsburgh with her new little girl, Reese, and she wanted me to take photos of the precious thing!  Let me just tell you, lil’ Reese’s cuteness was as yummy as my favorite chocolate peanut butter candies of the same name. 🙂  Here’s a few shots from the day.  Enjoy!

Look at those eyes!

Nothing like Momma to make a little girl smile!

So maybe we should have stuck with the diamonds instead of the pearls. LOL

So peaceful looking...

Baby bum and Uggs!

'You looking at me?!'

Tiny feet!

I guess that means it's time for the papparazzi to leave! Haha

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Back in August, I visited with Ryan and Bryan for maternity photos  as they awaited their first little one.  Well, the day came and in October I got to meet their adorable man, Lil’ Benjamin.  Check out some adorableness below! 🙂

I love that you can see the "pre-benjamin" image in the background here!


Bright eyed and ready for his close up!


All cute and bundled up!


Contemplating whether he truly likes the hat and baby snuggie

Getting his opportunity on the hammock now!


We'll forgive him for not being a Browns fan... 🙂

Hanging with Dad


LOVE their expressions in this photo. They both look so happy!

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On September 14th, the Salmon family welcomed baby girl number two…adorable miss Mira.  This little munchkin took her time “cooking” in the belly, but I think you will all agree with me, her cuteness was well worth the wait! 😉  Her are some photos of the little girlie  and your big sis, Katie.

Mira gets a kiss from her big sis, Katie


Striking a pose!


Especially when you have a darling little baby like Mira!


Tender moment between Mommy and baby


A calm moment with the always energized Katie.

Swing time fun for Katie with Dad

The adorable, new family of 4!

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I visited with little miss Adriana when she was just shy of 3 weeks old and I could tell straight away that it was love at first sight for her mom and dad. 🙂  Little A was adorable and such a trooper to deal with some of my crazy ideas for photos (think stool and a plush floor rug!).  Here’s a few of my favorites from the day.

Momma comforting her little girl


Snug as a bug on a...high stool. haha


Already reaching high...


Adorable baby belly!


Yes, she adore's daddy's kisses!


I loved how intently she would look at mom and dad...


Ain't she just so.stinkin.adorable?!!!

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