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All of you know I do a ton of photos for clients for their kiddos during their 1st year of life.  And I love doing them!  But why stop after that? Who says you are ever too old for family photos?!  They don’t have to be just of the kiddos!  We all tend to forget about taking family photos as the children get older, but we shouldn’t!  With warmer weather here in Ohio again (or at least a peek of it…Ohio weather is always a tease!), why not book a summer or fall photoshoot with your family? Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today…just book it!  There is nothing like a little family time…and some nice photos to document these special moments with your loved ones. 😉

With that being said…I can’t write a post on a photoblog without photos, right? Here are some photos from some recent family sessions. 🙂

The Paxton Clan

The 'big kids' 😉

The 'youngin's' acting goofy!

The Dolejs family

I spy 'grandma' looking on towards her children and grandchildren. 😉

I think someone thinks her grandfather looks silly with her umbrella! haha

Who says you need a stero-typical pose? Nothing like fun candids to capture the moment.


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So when you photograph babies…you never know what experience you will get when you show up.  Well, sweet little miss Grier welcomed all of us to the start of her afternoon photoshoot with probably the smelliest diaper full of “peas” that I have smelled in quite some time! haha.  While me, mom, and dad were all giving “stink” faces, taking care of business actually made this little missy all smiles. 😉  Guess you gotta do what you gotta do to get a good photo. Lol.  Check out some of our favorite images from her session below.

Dad just told me that he's never feeding me peas again. hahahaha, he's funny.

Hangin' out in the Shaker Lakes Park

Someone's lovin' the slide at the park!

The kiddos seem to really love the grass. She couldn't stop touching it. 🙂

Such a sweetheart in this cute dress and headband

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So as luck would have it, the day of my photoshoot with 6 month old Brandon there were some big rain storms (not too strange of an occurence in the springtime in Northeast Ohio) that day which meant no photos outside and a power outage at their house!  Fortunately, we made luck with the natural light that we did have and were able to get some great shots of this handsome little guy.  Check them out. 🙂

I agree with the bib. 😉

A big smile hangin' with Momma

What you don't realize is that this is the 1st time B sat up on his own! 🙂

Tummy time!

Brandon and Dad

I think someone's ready for some Summer beachtime!

B's trick during our photoshoot? Sticking out his tongue. So cute!

With that face, i think he's got his parents wrapped around his finger! 😉

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I’ll admit, when Anne contacted me about taking photos of her parents, siblings, and their kids – a total of 11 adults and 8 kiddos – I was a little concerned whether or not I be up to the challenge of photographing such a big group.  But i decided…what the heck, I’m game!  And let me tell you, I’m so glad that I did because they are such a fun loving bunch.  While there may have been a minor kiddo meltdown at one point during the shoot, we managed to work through it and get some great shots.  Check out a few fav’s.

Somehow we managed to get all eyes on me! Wahoo!


Tail end of kiddo meltdown in grandkids photo op. Just a bit of pout left. 😉


Such pretty smiles!


Yes, that's a teeter totter they are balancing on. Not only photogenic, talented too.


What a cute, happy family of three. 🙂


Swing time with the girls!


Swinging with Grams.


No need to stop being a kid. 😉


So pretty!


Caught ya! 😉


Spin me round and round...


Strong man winner! 😉


I want her curls!


Perfect wind-blown model-esque hair! haha. So cute.

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Like her mother…at this photo session, I think I also had a hard time believing that little miss Gianna was actually turning 2 years old!  It seems like just yesterday  i was taking photos of this adorable 3-month old.  I can’t believe that 21 months have passed since then.  But I do believe that I am incredibly lucky to be able to come back time after time to be able to take photos of this sweet girl and it makes me feel more like family to her and her momma and pops than their photographer.  I am so very blessed.  Here are some of my favorite images of the sweet princess with her friends and family as they celebrated her 2nd birthday.

Dad, watch out! The boys are gonna come crawling real soon! 😉


Pretty princess!


Carefree and happy. The joys of being two.


Please eat your cupcakes face first. The only way acceptable. 😉




Do I share or do I keep it all to myself? Hmm...


A Teethy grin!


Three generations. ❤


Happy 2nd birthday, Miss G! 🙂

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When it comes to outdoor shoots in April in Ohio…you never know what kind of weather that you’ll get.  When Ryan and I discussed Benjamin’s 6 month photos we decided to take our chances and head outdoors.  We headed over to the adorable downtown of Chagrin Falls to get some photos by their infamous falls and popcorn shop, and almost made it through the whole shoot without any April showers…Almost!  But you will notice in the last few shots how we got creative to get in a few images without getting sprinkled on! 🙂  Here are some of my favorite shots from the session.

No matter where we stood, this little man could not take his eyes off the waterfalls. haha

Obligatory falls photo
Of course, I had to sit him among all the rocks in the creek bed. 😉
Popcorn Shop
Playing in the grass
All smiles
Someone’s Momma rocks! 😉
Walking down the main strip of downtown
Taking cover from the rain at the playground!
All smiles in his rain hide-away!

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Last time I hung out with Carter, we met up and Colby park to watch some football practices and this handsome little man was just able to sit up (Check the session out here).  Now fast forward to a few weeks ago, and young Carter was a walking machine!  The little guy’s also acquired quite an interest in the vacuum…umm, can I hire him to come over to my place to do a quick vac around? Haha…just kidding.  But seriously, check out some of the adorable to celebrate this little man now being a fast-moving, fun-loving 1-year old. 🙂

Showing us how he speeds along on his Kawasaki!


Is that a hose attachment? 😉

Someone's happy to be playing with his toys with his Mom

Not so sure if he's diggin' this couch thing or not...

Maybe it's not so bad. LOL.

Family Shot

Stop tickling me Mom! Hahahaha...

A little boy in his room with books, toys, and a container full of goldfish...pure bliss!

Bonding time with Dad

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