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On a brisk, but sunny, Saturday morning in March, I met up with Shanna and her girls in downtown Canton, Ohio.  I will admit, I have never done, nor have I heard of anyone doing a “Bridesmaid Photoshoot”, but once I saw Shanna, Rachael, Angela, Myriah, Kate, and Colesse all dolled up in their favorite black pants and heels, and we started shooting around town…I was sold!  Such a cool idea.  It was so much fun to to be able to spend a good chunk of the morning taking photos of her and her gals and seeing the strong bond between them all.  And while Shanna didn’t divulge what her plans were for the images, I could totally see myself using them is so many fun, crafty ways as bridesmaids gifts. 😉  Check out some of my fav’s below…

They did such a good job at making it look like it wasn't cold at all (it was frigid! lol)

Such a gorgeous group of ladies

These gals were so good at just relaxing in front of the camera

Loved this blue backdrop...it was the entrance to the police parking garage (do not enter)! Shh...

Umm...they seriously could all be models...don't you agree?

Of course we had to do the groomsman "Peeing" shot! LOL

I LOVED how the architectural elements in this tunnel added so much to the photo.

Girlfran huddle to stay warm! haha


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I can’t believe that a year has past since I first started taking photos of  Mr. Gavin.  It’s so crazy to think that we went from this:

Here at only a few weeks old...

To this:

Now a happy one year old able to wear his crown!

Here are a few more of my favorites from this adorable little guy’s 1st birthday celebration shoot. :0

Such a happy guy!

So daper looking in his sweater cardigan

Because every kid looks adorable when you stick em in a basket. lol (Especially this one...ain't he cute?!)

I think I might steal this toy... 😉

Gavin and his buddy

All smiles!

And I'll leave you with a fun out-take and Gavin grabbing dad's eye. lol

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I first met baby Grier’s mommy back in 2008 when we teamed up to raise money and awareness while walking the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure.  Her Mommy put such unconditional effort and love towards helping this cause, I undoubtedly know that Grier is surely getting the same love and attention (x100) from her Mommy to ensure she gets nothing but the best.  This obviously includes hiring a top notch photographer…lol.  I kid!  But you can be the judge. 🙂  Here are some of my favorites from our session. 

First shot of the day and we came up all smiles. 🙂

Adorable in her green diapers, flower headband and ruffle socks.

Fingers are yummy!

A cute black and white of the smiley girl.

So sweet...

Sour-Puss Face! haha

Hey, baby girl! 🙂

So happy to be hanging with Mom and Dad

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I first met Andrew when he showed up with his Momma to his cousin Gavin’s 3-month photoshoot.  I instantly fell in love with photographing his baby blues! (She’s going to be a heart-throb with the girls when he gets older…that I am sure)  I was excited when I found out that little Andrew had turned two and I was going to get the opportunity to get the opportunity to photograph the handsome young man.  Here are some of my favorites from the session. 

Loving jumping on his new trampoline!

There are those blue eyes!!

Quality time with Mom and Dad

Raspberries bring on the giggles!


Look who is happy to be turning two!


Uh oh! Watch out! Snow ball fight!

But you might get one in return! lol. (FYI - this was an accidental hit by dad, but little Andrew was all smiles again in less than 5 minutes)

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At three months, babies are so adorable!  They are starting to interact a little more, a smile here and there.  But it can also be tough to get some good shots as their attention spans can be short-lived, they can’t quite sit up on their own, and a happy baby can turn to a frustrated one in a matter of seconds.  Fortunately for me, baby Brandon made my job super easy!  He was such a laid back and happy baby, we were able to get some adorable shots of the handsome little man.  Check out a few favorites below!

Seriously, can he be any cuter??

Little B's Daddy is a fireman, so we HAD to get a photo with the fire truck

Nom...my fingers are good to suck on.

Got the pupster to even cooperate and look at the camera here. Score! 🙂

You sticking your tongue out at me?? 😉

Anyone else find his baby chub unbearably cute?!

Snoozing on the job. haha

Tell us about it brandon. 🙂

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Melissa and Ben got married this past October in Playa Mujeres, Mexico and decided that they wanted to have a wedding reception at home so that they could celebrate their union with family and friends that weren’t able to make the trip South.  They chose to stick with the Mexican theme and had their reception at one of my favorite local area Mexican restaurants, Tequila Panchos in Hudson, Ohio.  (If you haven’t been here, I HIGHLY recommend it.  Their margaritas are the bomb!)  Melissa and Ben decided they wanted to have a photobooth set up so we could take some fun photos of their guests with crazy hats, mustaches, and other fun attire.  See a small sampling of some of the hilarious shots we got below!



We won't ask. 😉

All this kissing in the photobooth needs to stop. 😉



The Bride and Groom...I'm not going to even say anything about this one. 😉

Oh snap!

Shake it!

Fun with friends

And this one I just couldn't NOT share. 😉

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