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I can’t believe how much little Benjamin has grown in the last 3 months!  It’s crazy to see the changes in these kiddos every few months during their First Year portraits (If you are interested in a First Year package, please send me an email!) Check out some of the adorable photos from our session.

Handsome little guy in his collared shirt and tie! So cute!!

Love his smile in this one!

Cute Naked Baby...he's happy as a clam now after we took off the layers of clothes we had on him! LOL

All of these kiddos look so gosh darn cute in the santa hats!

Love his baby blues!

So happy to be naked! LOL

And not quite so happy to be back all bundled up with a hat! LOL


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So back in October I headed over to visit with Melissa and Mike to take some maternity  photos.  Well, in December, they welcomed into the world their little bundle of joy, the adorably sweet Miss Regan.  Here are some favorites from our session.

Regan getting a kiss from Momma

Santa's adorable little helper


Even when they cry, they are cute. 🙂

The family

A kiss from Dad now

Regan and her big brother

tiny feet

And one last shot of pure cuteness!

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Post Holiday Catch up!

So the holiday season was a bit hectic and crazy for me and because of this, I’ve fallen behind on some blogging.  Uh oh! Haha.  So while I normally don’t do this, I thought I’d put out one big post of a handful of clients so I can get you up to speed on what I’ve been doing over the past month or so.  Please check out some of my favorite images from a handful of photo shoots I have had recently.  Enjoy!

First up…the Suter clan.  Some of my favorite people from my childhood.  See 4 generations of family in the photo below.

How we got all 11 adults and 4 kiddos (all under the age of 2) to look at the camera is amazing! haha

The Tucci's

The Suter Twins with Mom and Dad

Nicole loving Mr. Snowman


Next up is the Shah twins!  Watching them interact with each other was so cute!  Twins definitely have that connection with each other, even at the young age of 6 months.

Santa's little helpers testing out a toy together.

He kept trying to pull the hat over his sister's eyes. haha

Father daughter love

Mother son love!


And then I had the opportunity to hang out and have some winter fun with my friend Lydia’s kiddos.  I think they were having so much fun, they forgot we were even doing a photography session (and not an afternoon playing in the snow).

Nothing like a pile of snow to jump off of to keep 2 brothers smiling.


The whole group. Yeah...you can't take these guys seriously. haha

See? Nothing but fun for these kids

Ain't he a handsome young man? The ladies are going to be knocking on the door soon! 😉

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On a blustery, ‘Cleveland winter’ day last month, I met up with Rachel and Mark in the North Chagrin Reservation to get some engagement photos. This was my first snowy engagement session, but I think we got some photos  around Squire’s Castle.  They were so much fun to to photograph and I loved that they even got in the snow to make snow angels! LOL. Check out photos from our session below! 

I loved how the 'freezing' wind gave Rachel a fun wind-blown hair look. They were such good sports in the cold! lol

Time to cuddle to keep warm!

I'm completely jealous of her perfect manicure and her lovely ring.

I love's Rachel's expression in this one along with the snow falling.

I think he likes her kisses! 😉

Can you notice the practically horizontal snow in this photo? Yeah, it was chilly that day! haha

Don't they rock?! haha I love that they got down and made snow angels!

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When my friend Debby found out that she was going to have the whole family together for the holidays, she contacted me about getting some family portraits done.  As a bonus, her daughter Erin, who was coming into town from the golden state was bringing home her fiance Stephen.  So why not sneak some engagement photos in there too…which is exactly what we did!  Here are a few favorites.

Debby and her man. Aren't they cute?

The whole gang, including brother, sister, and new addition - fiance Stephen. 🙂

He' looks pretty happy to have found such a pretty lady. 😉

They were all such good sports because it was a FRIGID day!

If this were a photo of my brother and I, we would have never sat this nicely next to each other (yes, even now that we are in our 30s. haha)

Does she not have the best smile?!

They could totally be sisters, couldn't they. 😉

ring shot

Would you ever guess it was probably like 15 degrees with windchill that day? They were such good sports (and good at faking being warm!)

And here the truth about the cold air becomes known with their colorful blanket.

So sweet

And one last photo of Debby with her kiddos.

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So it’s been a tad frigid here in Northeast Ohio, so why not post some warm beach photos to remind us that warm weather will be here before we know it (or at least that is what I’m telling myself! haha)  These photos are from late summer when Sara and I headed up to Mentor Headlands beach to get some fun shots in the sand and by the water.  Check out a few of our favorites below! 🙂

Action Shot!

Bear Crawls in the Sand. Rough!

If only I had the strength/power of this woman. She makes it look easy!

Yoga time on the beach

Sexy in black and white!



Need motivation for swimsuit season? Here you go! 😉

Someone needs to hire this girl for fitness modeling ASAP!

One lst shot for fun! Action shot!


Be sure to check out her fitness website here for more great advice, tips and training: Sara B Fitness

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