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This sweet little thing just recently moved to the Cleveland area from Little Rock with her mom and dad.  A former client of mine was kind enough to pass on the word about my photography biz along to them and we lined up a session right away to do some 6 month photos of lil’ Emmalynn.  Hopefully they call me back for 1 year photos because I had a blast hanging out with them. 😉

I just melt in the sea of blue!

Fingers...nom, nom. 🙂

Daddy's little girl!

Mom's pretty cool too!


Chillin' with some cool peeps.

Adorable Lady Bug!

I hear that Sophie the giraffe is a savior among many of my clients.


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I was sooo excited when I found out my friend Becky would be in town from Pittsburgh with her new little girl, Reese, and she wanted me to take photos of the precious thing!  Let me just tell you, lil’ Reese’s cuteness was as yummy as my favorite chocolate peanut butter candies of the same name. 🙂  Here’s a few shots from the day.  Enjoy!

Look at those eyes!

Nothing like Momma to make a little girl smile!

So maybe we should have stuck with the diamonds instead of the pearls. LOL

So peaceful looking...

Baby bum and Uggs!

'You looking at me?!'

Tiny feet!

I guess that means it's time for the papparazzi to leave! Haha

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It seems like it was just yesterday that I was photographing 3-month old Miss G.  Time has definitely flown by!  I will admit I do a little skip of joy everytime I get a note from G’s mom asking me to take photos of their sweet little girl.  She is such a doll and her momma always comes up with the cutest outfits for her to wear, as you will see below. Enjoy!

Hmm...seems like this little peanut might be a bit confused with what team to cheer on?

I think the fact that she's covering up the "M" on her shirt with her red tutu is a good sign that OSU wins out! 😉

Showing off her dancing skills

Playing in the leaves

I think she was trying to simulate my typical morning crazy 'do here? lol

Pretty flowers

*LOVE* her energy and happiness here!

Cowgirl Princess

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So I normally am focused on just taking photos of little adorable Gavin, son to Courtney and Dan (see their latest session here.) But on this particular Saturday afternoon, I got to see the whole clan – with great grandparents, grandparents, siblings and cousin invited along too!  Here’s some fun shots from the day.

The whole gang

Monkey Gavin and his Momma

Cousin Andrew on his trike with his Momma looking on at him

Grams with her handsome grandsons

Grandparents and the kids

Siblings, spouses, and the kiddos

Check out the arm on Gavin! I see a star player in the future!

And one last shot with the kids and their great grandparents!

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Lots of engagement sessions lately!  For this session, I meet up with Rachel and Jeff (and their adorable doggie Mollie) in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  An adorable couple with adorable style!  Here are my favorites!

From the start, I think Mollie wanted to direct the photo shoot. LOL

Beautiful family

Puppy paws + hot boots + Chucks = ❤

LOVED Rach's pearl engagement ring. (Good job Jeff!)

Don't think the pearl's hidden anymore! 😉

I'm in love with this photo of the two of them.

Nothing like an old red door for some cool shots!

Somehow we got lucky with Mollie cooperating in this one! Another fave!

And they thought they weren't photogenic? So not true!

Can't wait to hang out with you guys on 9-10-11!

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Back in October I had the opportunity to meet up with Juliann and Neal for their engagement session.  For some reason that day, it seemed like everything was going against us…severe traffic back-up getting to the location and a sudden rain storm.  But it’s funny how things end up working out because as a result of the traffic, we started a little later than planned and that caused us to miss the rain and get some gorgeous shots at the sun peeped out.  Here are a few of my favorites that we took at Virginia Kendall Park in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Enjoy!

The trees along the ledges were looking so pretty that day!


I loved that they incorporated their purple wedding color into their session.


Even their adorable pup Oatey got involved in the photo session.

Some sun flare! ❤

Gorgeous even when serious

See? The sunshine that came after the rain was so kind to us. 🙂

Ring shot

They were such good sports to lay down on the damp leaves!

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Back in August, I visited with Ryan and Bryan for maternity photos  as they awaited their first little one.  Well, the day came and in October I got to meet their adorable man, Lil’ Benjamin.  Check out some adorableness below! 🙂

I love that you can see the "pre-benjamin" image in the background here!


Bright eyed and ready for his close up!


All cute and bundled up!


Contemplating whether he truly likes the hat and baby snuggie

Getting his opportunity on the hammock now!


We'll forgive him for not being a Browns fan... 🙂

Hanging with Dad


LOVE their expressions in this photo. They both look so happy!

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