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I always love when families ask me to come back and take more photos of their adorable kiddos.  It’s so cool to see how much they have grown and changed since I last saw them.  Little Miss Leah is no exception.  While only 9 months had past since I last took photos  of this cutie pie, I was still surprised to see the beautiful head of curls on her head now and to see how much she had turned into a toddler from a babe within that timeframe. 🙂 

Getting right into some toy time fun!

Ruffles and Curls! I heart her!


Is it wierd that this photo is on my desktop right now? It's one of my favorite photos ever! 🙂

Another favorite

Come play with me!

Hanging out with friends

Follow me!

Playing in her house

Popping bubbles with dad

The family


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I visited with little miss Adriana when she was just shy of 3 weeks old and I could tell straight away that it was love at first sight for her mom and dad. 🙂  Little A was adorable and such a trooper to deal with some of my crazy ideas for photos (think stool and a plush floor rug!).  Here’s a few of my favorites from the day.

Momma comforting her little girl


Snug as a bug on a...high stool. haha


Already reaching high...


Adorable baby belly!


Yes, she adore's daddy's kisses!


I loved how intently she would look at mom and dad...


Ain't she just so.stinkin.adorable?!!!

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So I think that Courtney was probably one of the most well-prepared, chill, non-bridzilla Brides that I have met to date.  Anytime I had a question, she was quick to respond, she was always ahead of the game with keeping her friends and family informed, and it seemed like absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong with this well-planned event.  THEN came the huge thunder storms the night before their big day, and we all awoke to the surprise of NO POWER.  It’d come back on right?  The bride would be able to get her hair done, no problem.  We’d all be able to take morning showers…enjoy deliciously warm chicken and steak meals…cool off from our dancing on one of the HOTTEST days of the summer in the cool A.C.  Well, only the last part ended up being true as the day ended up powerless until around 6pm in the evening…but the Bride Courtney and her Groom Brandon remained much more calm than I think I could have ever imagined being if it had been my big day.  Big kudos too, to Burr Oak State Park Lodge for being so incredibly accommodating to everyone despite this setback. And seeing as this adorable couple met running (all sweaty), it only seemed fitting for their big day too.  Haha.  Check out some images from this memorable day below.

Adorable and very fitting invites

I love how her hair was styled

A girl can never have too much makeup to play with.

Adding the finishing touch

Courtney's brothers were amazing with their guitar and vocal skills during the ceremony

Such a gorgeous backdrop

The vows


A kiss from dad... 🙂


Brandon and his gorgeous sisters

Everyone does family portraits like this, right?


Here's a better one. 😉

The view the lodge overlooks


Gorgeous and delish cake!

 Some of the goodies at the kids’ table.

colored pencils


Yummy Lollipops!


Everyone, including the kiddos, LOVED the Stockdale Family Band!

 These guys really know how to have a good time…



A little MJ foot action?


Getting some height


I think he was declared the winner of the dance floor that night

Seal it with a kiss!

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So the Hamric family has had a lot to celebrate recently.  First off, the parents of mom, Debi, recently celebrated 25 years of marriage.  A-MAZ-ING!  Debi’s eldest girl Emma, just celebrated her 4th birthday and her little girl is turning 2 this September. 

Here are some of my favorites from our photo session together at the beautiful lake house location of her parents.

Little Miss Emma is four!


Maggie's turning two!


See the pretty dress that Gramma Betty made for her? So darling!


Silly Em! Here she comes!


Just hanging boat side


Look! A daddy long legs!


After she showed it to me, she proceeded to put it in Maggie's pocket. haha


The beautiful fam


Celebrating 25 years strong and their love for each other is still very eminent


Sisterly love! ❤


And where the girls get their good looks from. Aren't they cute?! 😉

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