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I met up the other week with this adorable couple, and their precious son Henry, at two of my favorite places in the Akron area – downtown Hudson and the Cuyahoga Valley  in Peninsula.  They kept telling me that they were NOT photogenic people, but with their natural good looks and their obvious affection for each other, I think that I would beg to differ. 😉  So put together fabulous shoot locations with a gorgeous couple (and babe!), and you get some rockin’ engagement shots.  Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon.

They only have eyes for each other.

See? Totally photogenic!

Walking along the Scenic Railroad in the Cuyahoga Valley

Henry showed Mom and Dad how well he could walk with them along the tracks.

A kiss

Uh oh! Run-away baby!



Loved when Ben pulled Melissa in for this shot! It reminds me so much of the V-J Day kiss in Times Square photo!


Aren't they gorgeous?!

So Cute!


This shot was definitely worth laying in the the grass for!

 You guys are a wonderful couple!  Best of luck with the rest of your planning for your Mexico nuptials!


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Let’s just off by saying that at the ripe ol’ age of 3-months, this dashing little man has one of the best wardrobes I’ve seen (so many cute outfits!) and I’m completely jealous!  I have a feeling momma and papa are going to have to watch out as baby Gavin matures…I have a feeling the girls are going to come swooning at his adorable looks and stellar wardrobe.  Just sayin…

See? Handsome and well-dressed. I don't lie.


This one makes me laugh! He gripped onto Dad like the jaws of life!


Drooling Newsie...so sweet!


We couldn't quite figure out what was making the little monkey cry. But we had to laugh because it timed perfectly with the clicks of my camera!


Just Chillin'

 After a while, Gavin’s best bud and cousin, Andrew, came over to visit us.

Look at baby Andrew's eyes! Such a doll!


Best buds for life!


His laugh warmed my heart!


And THIS! brought me to full fledged laughter!


And one last shot of the beautiful family.

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